MASHKHIMPROM LLC specializes in projecting, manufacturing, assembling of supporting steel fencing constructions and non-standard equipment for chemical, petroleum and mining industry.

We make unique in its characteristics heat exchanging and capacitive equipment of any size according to customer needs that has no analogues in the world.

We produce chemical and technological equipment from stainless, low-carbon, alloyed, low-alloy steels, aluminum, and also titanium alloys; we perform carbon dioxide welding, argon mixtures, automatic submerged-arc welding, as well as welding of dissimilar metals, which we can produce in all spatial positions, thereby reducing the time of the production cycle.

We can make high-quality containers of any configuration, diameters and complexity with the control assembly and deliver them to anywhere in the world!

Powered roof supports are serves to prevent the possibility of the collapse of the surrounding rock within a mining complex.
We manufacture shield roof supports, both for salt and for coal deposits, according to the customer's specifications.

We produce high-quality containers of different diameters from the low-carbon, doped and titanium alloys for technological process in mining, chemical, petrochemical industries.
Our experts perform welding in a carbon dioxide medium, argon mixture, automatic submerged-arc welding, and welding of dissimilar metals, which we can produce in all welding positions.

Our competence is confirmed by the license for the design of equipment working under pressure, and the license for the design of the mining industry equipment. We have all necessary advanced software for design and calculations.
We assemble and test our products before manufacturing them.


We are the only producer of complex technological equipment made of titanium in the Republic of Belarus.

We manufacture technological equipment made of  titanium for operation in the most aggressive environments.
Grade 1 - basic titanium mark that we use for products with high strength at a sufficient ductility and toughness, high resistance to small plastic deformations, brittle and fatigue failure.




Powered roof supports "МХП-16/25» for mine lava "Б2-н-1» JSC Belaruskali (SPF-4PU) has been produced.

Mechanized support ensures the management of the roof in the clearing bottom and on the interfaces with drifts and maintaining it in a safe condition, fixing the lava depending on the adopted technological scheme for working off the clearing column.

Растворитель шнековый с элеватором обезвоживающим в сбореРастворитель шнековый с элеватором обезвоживающим в сборе

The mechanized support will be operated as part of the mechanized complex, which is a combination of machines and mechanisms united by a common technological scheme, and intended for the extraction of ore in lava with a pillar system of development of a potash reservoir with a long clearing face. Output power - 1.9-2.45m.

The support section is supportive and protective, has a sliding width of 1600-2500 mm, an installation step of 1.75 m.



The pressure vessel “Secondary vapor condenser CO201” was manufactured, tested and submitted to the acceptance commission of Belkaliy-Migao LLC.

The condenser is produced for the object “Plant for the production of potassium nitrate at the industrial site of the 4PU, JSC Belaruskali”.

Растворитель шнековый с элеватором обезвоживающим в сбореРастворитель шнековый с элеватором обезвоживающим в сборе


diameter - 1000mm;
length - 5400mm;
type - horizontal arrangement surface heat exchanger, shell-and-tube construction (tube Ø25x2 in the amount of 660pcs);
number of moves – 4;
heat exchange surface - not less than 205 m2;
material - AISI 316L stainless steel.



Construction of a new production building has been completed

The new production building with an area of 2448 m2 will increase the volume and improve the quality of products through the introduction of flexible robotic production modules, the organization of flexible automated production sites using the latest metalworking world brand equipment . It will also provide an opportunity to master the production of new equipment.

We are focused on the quality of our products therefore at each stage of production we strive to reduce the human factor to a minimum.

The new production building has a painting and drying chamber "C-PRO" with dimensions of 10x6x4 meters which will allow to prepare and paint the surfaces in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

The existing production plant, administrative buildings were additionally externally updated.


We do work on a turnkey basis

We can do the work as soon as possible

We can perform all works during the production

We have our own engineering department

We have an independent technical control department, and the output quality is confirmed by the regulatory certificate

We have all the necessary equipment for the full range of construction and installation works

We have our own service department

We can ship an order to any place in the world

We are constantly improving our production facilities

We are confident in our products and provide a two-year (or more) warranty, depending on its application

The quality is our main goal!




32 Liubanskoe Shosse, 223710
Soligorsk region, Minsk Region
Republic of Belarus
Tel / fax (+375174) 200811